Make the Most of Your Time with Your Children

Angela M  |  14 August 2023


As summer begins to slowly slip away, we begin to realize how fast time truly does fly by. Our little ones grow up right before our eyes and before we know it we find ourselves wondering, “Where did the time go?” 


It’s only natural to wish we had more time with our children, but instead of getting wrapped up in the past and what we miss, let’s focus on the here and now. With all the demands and distractions of today’s modern world it can be all too easy to miss out on the opportunities and experiences that are right in front of you. 


That’s why we have come up with some tips to help you be fully present and make the most of the time that you have with your little loved ones.   


Create Rituals 


If you haven’t already, establish routines that allow you to connect with your child. These can be as simple as reading a bedtime story before bed, sitting down for dinner as a family, or taking a walk together. Not only will activities like these create a wonderful opportunity for you to bond, but children thrive with a routine and it makes them feel safe and secure. 


Set Boundaries with Technology


This one is pretty simple. When you are with your child, put the devices away and be fully present. If it helps, you can set specific times to check emails, use social media, or any other need you might have on your devices. Putting your device down sends your child the message that they are more important to you and worthy of your full attention. 


Practice Active Listening


There is more to listening than just hearing. In order to listen actively to your child, make eye contact, engage, and respond to what they are saying. This will make your child feel heard and that you value their thoughts and feelings. 


Engage in Play 


Play with your child without any distractions. When playing, get down on their level and release your inner child by engaging in whatever activity it may be – pretend play, playing a game, or building an epic tower. Your child craves your attention and receiving it while playing an activity they picked out is sure to create memories they will cherish. 


Capture Moments Mindfully 


Who doesn’t love a picture perfect photo of their child? However, if you want to get that photo or video of your child, try to do so mindfully. Instead of trying to capture the perfect shot make sure you are still enjoying the moment that you are trying to capture. Let the photo bring you back to this special memory and not the fifteen forced photos you orchestrated trying to get the perfect angle. 


Remember to have Self-Compassion


Remember that you are human and being present doesn’t mean that you are going to be perfect. All you can do is your best and make the effort to connect with your child and make meaningful memories. That alone makes a difference. 


If you’re struggling to find balance and you’d like some help with that, reach out to Angela at today.


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